not rewriting next-hop, pointing default, ...s

> them. (eunet defaulting into uunet is OK


My most sincere apologies. I meant to say *pipex* but I had a brain-o
(not a typo, where your fingers type the wrong thing but you should
know better; a brain-o is when your brain knows the right party but
says the wrong thing).

Randy has suggested that I put the whole mess online, for MAE-East
at least - but it amounts to a peering matrix as well as a funniness
detector, and some have invoked "what if the marketing people use
it to say so-and-so-sucks-because-they-don't-peer-with-so-and-so-else".

I'll take an opinion count @ NANOG next month...

------ ___ --- Per G. Bilse, Director Network Eng & Ops
----- / / / __ ___ _/_ ---- EUnet Communications Services B.V.

Anyway, very sorry...

Here is a partial list of the default violations of April 22, 1996's run:
At the time UUNET said that pipex had permission...
As I look at it, might be someone else now.
Pipex's mae routers might not be online any more. is still defaulting into uunet now, and as I recall they
had permission as well:

I was not and will not ever point default to anyone. I am transit free,
and have no need to point default to UUNet or anyone else.

Nathan Stratton President, CTO, NetRail,Inc.