Northeast TWC/Spectrum contact?

Can someone from TWC/Spectrum’s northeast division please contact me off list? AS11351 for what it’s worth

About a week ago my modem dropped from 24 bonded channels at about -6dBmV to 19 channels ranging from -9.30 to -21.30dBmV, and I started seeing very high latency and packetloss. I’ve also been seeing a lot of Lost MDD’s and RCS Partial’s in my event log.

Haven’t put a tdr down the customer side cabling yet but I doubt that’s the issue, it’s only a 25’ run and a visual inspection doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary.

Sorry for spamming the list, but every time I’ve called TWC customer support lines in the past I’ve been transferred between 5-8 people who each told me to reboot my modem and check the cables.

Thanks for your time,
Ed Pers

I doubt you're going to get a reply, but I will add this. Signal levels in that range are undoubtedly a local issue. Its either your drop, one of your splitters, or the tap on the pole. First thing I'd do is check with a neighbor thats on the same run and see what they say. That will pretty much confirm its something very local to you. Nex thing I'd do (if you're just refusing to call the cable company) is plug your modem straight into the ground block. That would eliminate your house wiring and your splitters.

If those signals were the same across the city, for all purposes, they are down. Almost everything is two-way, tv, phone, and of course 'net. There's no way they have a wide outage and don't know it. Customers may be soft on calling some issues, but that many, not a chance.