Sorry for my non-operational post... I wanted you folks to know that
the new gTLDs that the IAHC outlined in their final draft will be
operational by Feb 7th, 1997.

There was a meeting in New York, NY elier this month where many of
the aproved registrars worked on issues surrounding the CORE database
system. A draft RFP for the development of CORE is available at

I thought you folks would want to start tracking the situation with gTLDs.
You will have to decide on a Registrar to work with. You won't be able to
get deligations in the new gTLDs from the Internic, and the forms and
interactions will be slightly different.

For more info please see the following URLs

Please don't continue this thread on NANOG as they hate me enough
already. If you have questions read the web pages or mail me directly

You mean 1998 right Rick ?


Thats right, musta been smoking crack, sorry about the date :wink:


Nice going rick.

Again please leave DNS issues off of NANOG.

They have not even settled on which TLD's are being used.....

Stop generating noise...

No, no, they're gonna reverse-engineer them. --SG

Yup. DNS isn't an operational issue. :slight_smile:

Take this to NODlist, it's welcome over there...

PS: Marc? If he's such a shit head, why did you quote _his entire
message, including the .sig_?

-- jra