[NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 10:42:26 -0400
To: Barry Caplin <bc@mtiweb.com>, Jamie Rishaw <jamie@arpa.com>
From: Doug McClure <dmcclure@infi.net>
Subject: Re: [NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

How about what I had to live with for 8 years in Navy Satellite
Communications: 2-48-2-72. It consisted of 4 watch sections, with a
rotation of 2-12 hour days, then 48 hours off, 2-12 hour mids, then 72
hours off. I enjoyed this and had plenty of time to be involved in the
projects that the day staff was involved with. You always knew your
schedule and could have a family life as well. It'll screw with your
sleeping schedule but overall it worked for the military and I'm sure it'd
work in a NOC environment.

It might work. On the other handa, NOC employees can quit with short
or no notice without the serious repercussions which military personnel
are likely to experience if they decide to quit with two weeks notice.