[NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

Steve Miller writes:

We work 4/10hr days, Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed or Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat. People get three
days off in a row, including one weekend day.

One of the more successful 24x7 operations I've seen did 12 hour
days, four days on, four days off, two shifts. People had to get used
to it, but for many of the staffers who were used to putting in 12
hour days anyway the prospect of a four day "weekend" every week was
pretty good, though it appealed the most to the single operations
staffers and to the ones who had non-working spouses. It had a lot of
advantages in terms of operational continuity and it actually kept
morale pretty high because people got enough days away not to fry from
the stress of dealing with users constantly every day.


Having tried the 12hr model in a stressful environment like a NOC, it did
not work well as people were burned out by the end of the day and those
that did the 12hr shifts were not content with their positions and looked
to leave the group sooner than those that had more normal shift hours. The
4-day work week was found to be the best model by giving people 3 days off.