Non-Routing BGP Speakers

Uh.. thruth in advertising time. There were some radix tree bugs in
BSD that Dennis found when playing with NetBSD on Sparc and BSDI. I'm
not sure if they made it into BSD 4.4Lite, BSDI 2.0, or any DEC OSF
product. I think Jeff sent the patches to someone at UCB and to BSDI.
I think they made BSDI 2.0 but I'd guess not the others yet.

Better get a more reliable source. :slight_smile:

Yikes. That may be me. All of the bad stuff Dennis and Jeff found in
BNR2 (which formed the basis for BSD/OS 1.x) was sent to CSRG and most
of it appeared in 4.4BSD-Lite (which formed the basis for BSD/OS 2.0).
Some additional things have been fixed since then, according to Keith
Sklower and others, and we should see some additional improvements in
4.4BSD-Lite-2, due out any day.

Elise, perhaps Merit should invite Jeff Honig <>
of the GateD Consortium to attend the next meeting and give us an update?
I could sort of do it but I'd be hacking around in the dark -- Jeff
actually knows what's going on. It's pretty clear that GateD is an
important tool for North American (and other) Network Operators.