Non-profit IP Registry

Eric makes two very important points here but its the overall "rush" that I
wonder about. This thing seems to have come up quite suddenly and appears as
if it's being implemented as we speak. A program with such far reaching
effects should not be taken lightly. One need only look at the state of the
domain name system to realize that its what we haven't thought of that will
bite us later....

  How will portable/non-portable address space be effected. Does the mean
that if I have non-portable address space, I can charge customers for
address space, and if it is portable, they have to pay $2500 per /24 to
have it registered to them?

That would not go over well. <G>

  If an entity has address space already and does not require more space,
do they have to pay the fee or is this going to be grandfather claused? I
know with domain names it was not that way, but that is only 50 bucks,
$2500 or more could put a lot of business off the net.

Again, this could put an unbearable financial hardship on many companies if
not grandfathered...

I guess this will make the routing table size come to a sudden and
screaching halt!

Doubtful but it certainly will slow things down. But remember, the rich get
richer and the poor get poorer in business as well.

Robert J. Fehn Sr.,President and CEO
Jersey Cape Information Systems Inc.