[NON-Operational Issue]: Paul Vixie is a Vigilante?


  First, sorry for the non-operational issue.

  They said it, I read it.... Here it is.


Comments concerning a spam "black hole" list maintained by Paul that
makes the spammers "disappear"....


This is typical of the press. They don't understand something, so they
make up the details. Paul's blackhole feed makes the spamSPs disappear
only as far as the blackhole list peers are concerned. It has no affect
on their (the spamSPs) connectivity to the rest of the net. There's no
law I know of that requires all parts of the internet to talk to each
other. If I decide I don't like Cyberpromo, I think it's well within my
rights to make it look as if they don't exist...at least as far as my
network can tell.