Non-default X.509 certs on EdgeOS?

I realize that Ubiquiti may be in the same “too ashamed to talk publicly about it” bucket as Mikrotik, so feel free to email me off list instead of replying publicly - is anyone else here running non-default x.509 certs for the web GUI on the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter? [*]

I thought I had a fairly bulletproof recipe, sticky across more than a year of reboots, but on a recent power outage somehow things reverted to the factory self-signed cert. ER4 still on EdgeOS 1.x.

Any thoughts from people who are also doing this would be appreciated.


[*] - ER4 is on a residential connection, housekeeping raspi keeps DNS updated with current external IP address. If we use ping to monitor in Nagios, in the event of a power event when someone else gets our old address we get a false service-ok alert, so instead we allow only the monitoring system to touch the otherwise-unused web gui on the external interface, and look for the CN to be what we’re expecting. Works great, so long as the cert I put there stays...

Are you using ‘service gui {ca,dh,cert}-file’ options to replace the cert?

Put the carts in:


And they’ll persist across upgrades and reboots.

Don’t just replace the lighttpd cert files anymore - has been obsolete way of doing it for a looong time.

Also, 2.0.8 has been stable for at least a year now, 2.0.9 just got released with a bunch of updates that include Ethernet driver and net filter tables optimizations (ie: big performance boosts).

Probably shouldn’t be running 1.x anymore really, especially on the later generation hardware.

Guilty. Thanks for the clue; I had literally no idea that things had evolved (and honestly, hadn’t done much to my config other than opening ports and changing tunnel endpoints since I got one of the very first er-lites back in 2013).

I’ve been told to move to 2.x for a while. Guess I probably ought to do that.