gotten a few cold calls from Noction. All I see is some PR about BGP
happiness and good feelings with no technical hints about what they
actually have to offer. They haven't even hit me directly, rather seem
to be chasing us down via corporate listings, so are giving me
not-confident feelings I should even return a call to them. Anyone
know anything about them?


It's like the Internap FCP. I think it's been on the market about a year.

They're a nice group of guys and the product does what they say it does.


We are using the product. It works fairly well although the code is still slightly immature at the moment.
Started using it about a year ago in beta and it has greatly improved over time (due to a lot of input from us beta testing it in the process :> )

If you run a multi-homed network calling them back can't hurt. Apparently they provide route optimization like Internap but is available for smaller networks.