NOC presentations

Hi all,

In TF-NOC we have been collecting information about NOCs for some time now[1]. Most of the NOCs are from research and educational organizations and we think it would also be very interesting to get the same kind of information from commercial NOCs. I understand that many commercial companies might not be able to share this information, but I thought it might be worth asking.

If you would like to share information about your NOC please check out our presentation template[2] for inspiration and let me know.

Even if you are not able to share information about your NOC the information we have gathered will hopefully still be interesting for you.


Hi again,

Got an off list reminder about the great NOC list at Puck:

I forgot to mention that if you know any other groups of people that collect and publish information about NOCs I'd love to hear about it.

But I also wanted to clarify that we are not trying to create a contact list for NOCs. We are more aiming at getting to know how different NOCs work. E.g. if you are responsible for a hybrid network a certain size or a distributed NOC what kind of tools and procedures do you find useful. So that other NOCs in a similar situation can be inspired and get useful tips on how they could improve their network operations.