NOC contact for AS3908 (SuperNet Inc.)?

Does anyone have a working NOC contact for SuperNet Inc., AS3908? Or if
they are now perhaps owned by some other entity (All traces seems to end
up in, who might that be, and how can we get in touch with

The issue is that 3908 is incorrectly announcing five /24's and a /22
with origin-AS 3908, out of a legacy class B belonging to one of our
downstream customers in Norway (who use and announce the entire /16
only), these incorrect more-specifics are obviously causing some
connectivity issues for our downstream, but we have been unable to find
a working NOC email or phone number for SuperNet.

I can't give you a NOC contact, but I can perhaps fill in some of the
routing history of the situation.

Using GRADUS (, I identified the networks from
your description (hopefully the right ones :), looked into the patterns of
advertisement, and reconstructed the timeline (all times GMT).

None of these blackholing more-specifics were being advertised before
19th November 2002. The sequencing of events suggests to me that all six
networks "belong to" and are being managed by a single organization.

Someone from BBN may be able to shed more light regarding the "ownership"
of the subnet.

19 Nov 2002 (19:12)

  First route. Genuity starts originating, and
  continues to do so for 51 days.
22 Nov 2002 (18:11)

   Supernet starts originating

02 Dec 2002 (20:03)

   Supernet starts advertising

10 Jan 2003 (01:04)

   Supernet starts originating

10 Jan 2003 (17:00)

   Genuity abruptly stops originating, leaving
   them providerless.
10 Jan 2003 (20:12)

   Supernet takes over origination of as well.
15 Jan 2003 (13:26)

   Supernet starts originating and
20 Jan 2003 (23:34)

   Your customer starts advertising the full legacy B space (,
   single-homed out of AS26797. It has not been routable to this point.
22 Jan 2003 (17:00)

   AS2116 starts advertising the /16 as well. SuperNet is now blackholing
   your customer by advertising the six more-specifics.

Good luck,