No one behind the wheel at WorldCom

> Please also respond if you weren't aware that you have to explicitly
> implement the policy of honoring no-export - while the community vaue
> is "well-known," the policy is not built-in.

If you do not wipe out the communities that you receive, then
no-export works as expected. But if you have a route-map or import
policy that explicately removes or overwrites all received communities,
then no-export is deleted as well, and thus does not do anything.

Hmm. Okay, but I'm looking at a route-map clause that does a
"comm-list NNN delete" where the no-export community would be
permitted by comm-list NNN ... and shucks, that's it, isn't it? Since
the no-export community would get permitted by the list, it's getting
deleted (I saw deny and delete and put them together instead of
permit and delete).

Time to open a ticket, I guess. :-/ Thanks.