No AM/FM/TV broadcaster outages reported to the FCC in Texas

The Federal Communications Commission has been reporting a summary of outage
reports (but not the details) from the Texas severe winter weather emergency.

No AM/FM/TV broadcasters have reported any outages in Texas or Oklahoma during the last week. More than likely there were outages, but station owners declined to report them to the FCC.

Outage reports from telecommunications, wireless and VOIP providers

State Feb 19 Feb 18 Feb 17
Oklahoma: 4 8 7
Texas: 153 208 140

4 PSAP (9-1-1 answering points) were impacted by power outages. Unclear what the impact was.

Yea, we didn’t have any outages either when hurricane Zeta came through. /S

Didn’t we see a video of a tower collapsing due to ice? Might have been further up north possibly.

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