NMS/ OSS commercial software ?


I am working for a service provider based in Europe that sells
Internet access, Hosting services,Metro Ethernet Transport
and IPSEC VPN (based on a mix of Cisco, Riverstone, and Nortel).

For the NMS, we are currently using HP OV
and public domain tools (MRTG, Netsaint, and some others).
We are considering to deploy several commercial OSS
applications to improve the service provided to the customers
(performance stats, Extranet SLA reports, percentile usage
based billing, ...) and the tools available to our NOC

Beside opensource ( that a significant part of you
are using, I assume) , I was wondering which
commercial applications are used & favored.

I have heard about Infovista, Concord, Proviso(Quallaby)
for Performance & SLA Reports, and Netcool(Micromuse)
for Event & Alarm Correlation.
(provisioning tools and mediation tools are not in the scope
of our study currently)

I found very few information in the nanog archive regarding
these products, what is your experience?

I would be glad also if some of you have comments regarding the
usefulness of CiscoWorks for operating a Cisco IP Backbone
(for Cisco network management tools, please send in private,
as specific vendor's subjects are off-topic on this list).

Best Regards,