NMS/OSS commercial software : short summary from NANOG replies - here it is

Sorry for my previous mail that was sent empty, due to a mouse clicking bug

So, at last, here is the summary of the answers, plus additional
information resulting from meetings
I had with some vendors in the last days :

First of all, one contributor emphazises on the fact that focusing on
people and process is at least
as important as on the tools used for NMS.
Now the products :

- Infovista :
According to someone (Hi Mike,see you on rs-sp :wink: ), the product is
considered to be flexible
to build SLA reporting package, and very customizable to specific needs.

According to another one:
"Our NOC uses it and it just is not useful in any way, it usually is not
common sense,
the implementation is not straight- forward, it is awkward, and makes
shortcuts that shall not be made".
no comments ....

From a meeting I had with Infovista recently, my personal feelings are a

mix of both opinions :
It is surely a powerful tool, very customizable and scalable, but quite
complex and heavy to deploy,
and it costs a fortune (multiple hundreds of K$, not to say more).

- Concord :

From one contributor :"horrible in multi-vendor environments"

I have briefly met a Concord integrator, the product seems quite straight
and simple to
deploy, but very limited in terms of customization (all changes require C

- Proviso : I have met the people from Quallaby today, the product looks
both simple to
install and powerful in terms flexibility and scalability. It might be a
good product for
perfs monitoring and customer SLA reports, but I had some rumors
of possible bankrupcy of Quallaby ... I need to check more about it.

- Netcool : seems to be quite a reference on the market, I only had good
but not detailed opinions on it.

- Cisco Works: not recommended by some people, or to be used for Natkit,
which requires the
NSA (Network supported account) level of support from Cisco (which is not
cheap at all ;-).

Quite an interesting doc recommended on NOC topics in general :

Other products that have been recommended by people on the list :
- Smarts : http://www.smarts.com/ . The product looks interesting, and it
was recommended
by several persons on the list.
Regarding my personal needs, I am not sure how well it is supported in
Europe, and especially in France ....

- LINMOR : www.linmor.com : a Canadian product.

From the contributor :"They are the prefered vendor for both Cisco &

Micromuse when it comes to
performance management"
I might have the same problem that with Smarts in terms of finding here a
reseller and appropriate support ...

- SpiderMon, from Pathway Communication (a Canadian ISP reselling its in
house NM tool) :
It seems to be an all-in-1 product covering the whole FCAPS range. I can
give more details on the product
for person requesting it.

An interesting article comparing Spectrum, Patrol, Netcool, and Smarts :


All comments welcomed.