[NIC-960209.1757] Routing Problem (fwd)

> > But, this would require working with your direct competition in your
> > local geographic area.
> >
> > Ain't gonna happen.
> >
> > No way, No How.
> Why not? We already have competing TV stations sharing an antenna site, and
> competing newspapers sharing a printing press and distribution mechanism.
> I don't see why ISPs couldn't do something similar where it's in everybody's
> interest.

Newspapers and TV stations are content providers, only a few ISPs are content
providers. ISPs are more "packet movers" than anything else, so it comes down
to who can move packets the best, not who has more appealing packets. And this
boils down to technical competance. I can only see "Internet Content" providers
banding together.

That and the fact that ISP owners seem to have larger ego's to protect, for
some reason. You can no longer claim "I have more bandwidth than you do."
It's a pity, really. It prevents local traffic exchanges from being as
popular as they might, as well.