[NIC-960209.1757] Routing Problem (fwd)

Regional Internet registries have no control over the routing policies
of any ISP. The IANA has instructed the Internet registries not to
assign IP addresses based on any ISP's particular routing policy, rather
on specific criteria including utilization efficiency. An organization
will be assigned the number of IP addresses it can justify. If this
number is not fully routable, that is an issue that should be taken up
with the ISP(s) concerned.

This is just one big cop-out from the organization that CONTROLS who gets
IP blocks. How the hell can I be a successful ISP when first, I probably
can not justify 64 blocks (and if I do Sprint may change it to 128
anyways!) and second if the blocks I get are not routed through one of
the MAJOR backbone proivders then they are useless to me and my end
users! You are basically allowing one company to dicate policy and growth
of the Internet. It's totally unfair to smaller ISPs and sets an ugly
presedence as to just how the 'net will grow if you allow each
organization to define their own rules that affect the Internet in
general. Using old policies to justify not doing something against what
is obviously discrimination against smaller ISPs does nothing to solve
the problem.