Unnamed Administration sources reported that Daniel Golding said:

At this last NANOG, it seemed that the geometry, rather than just the size,
of the hotel made covering even a small portion of rooms extremely
difficult. The bar coverage was certainly nice. Interestingly, the Merit
folks had far more wireless access points than they actually used at this
last NANOG. The biggest problem was getting wired connectivity to all the
places that access points were needed. The Sheraton was a very old hotel
with primitive wiring. This may be easier at hotels of more recent vintage.
Which may be a lesson learned for future hosts.

I worked the DC IETF-46 terminal room. I don't think many attendees
realized what NorTel went through to get all those rooms on line.

The building is roughly "X" shaped. There was no way around
the base of the hotel, due to construction. They put a fiber
switch on the room and dropped 4 heavy duty fiber bundles down
12 stories, one on each "face" of the X. Then we ran fiber or CAT
5 in windows/shafts/you name it on each "face" to get to each room.
Each had a switch to feed laptop and 3 wireless nets.

To make life more interesting, the hotel was being recarpeted,
so many hallways were blocked; and the doors to the terminal room
fell off in the process. So they had a guard sitting there all
night, every night.

I've never worked so hard for a free t-shirt in my life.