Next-gen firewalls and URL / domain reputation and classification

Greetings and good day.

What products/services are folks using on their networks for domain reputation or classification-based filtering? There are various vendors (Fortinet, Palo Alto, Talos/Cisco, McAfee, etc) who maintain their own databases for this purpose, and I’m working to make sure a recently acquired domain name is classified and evaluated correctly. I have been seeing reports from end users on a handful of different ISP networks being blocked or redirected to something like due to this sort of reputation-based filter. Re-classifications have been submitted to a lot of the major vendors in this space, but I don’t maintain an exhaustive list, and individual ISPs seem to have varying degrees of success responding to these requests.

Any input on the subject, or anecdotes from anyone with operational experience is much appreciated.


A lot of the vendors are using WebRoot or Threatstop under the hood.
A10 for example with their CFW product.