next-best-transport! down with ethernet!

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-also there some attempts to actually send the information 50 micro sec

back in time

Please don't let the high-frequency stock traders get a hold of this.

It could be worse... You could've been born on a larger planet.

We looked at doing this back in 2010, and the problems are
still the same - synchronous replications (which is the
majority of your garden-variety fibre channel deployments)
are very sensitive to latency and low bandwidth, and don't
generally tend to exist outside the data centre or short-
distance DWDM fibre channel networks.

FCIP was the solution proposed for extending SAN's over IP
(which invariably means over MPLS as well). But FCIP tends
to work best with asynchronous replications, which is the
only way to get around higher latency and lower bandwidth
network properties.

I know Brocade and Cisco both have boxes that support FCIP.

I did come across a vendor, Orckit-Corrigent - - that claimed they support FCoMPLS
(I forget what their exact solution was, but it had to do
with some buffering trickery if memory serves), but we
didn't get a chance to test these as FCoDWDM ending up
winning anyway. Come to think of it, maybe their solution
was FCIP inside MPLS :-).