[newtech-1] Barclays wifi

From the NY tech meetup list. Any one here care to comment, off or on list?


Any idea of the data rate required per stream?

One can only speculate on bandwidth, but a further source reveals that they
are using "multicast wi-fi"


It's all powered by Cisco's new StadiumVision Mobile, which reps compared

to how cable is delivered to your TV: instead of everyone having to crowd
onto a single connection, the "multicast" connection splits the feed and
delivers the same thing individually to everyone. That means my stream is
the same whether I'm alone in the stadium or surrounded by 19,000 other
Nets fans. In practice, it works remarkably well — I didn't get a chance to
test it with 19,000 people, but even in a quickly-filling arena my stream
never slowed or broke. I switched between a game feed and a stationary
camera above the rim, and jumping back into a replay worked seamlessly.

The stream is delayed about two seconds from the game itself, which for

Also hinted at here http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/02/super-bowl-plans-to-handle-30000-wi-fi-users-at-once-and-sniff-out-rogue-devices/ (and also at Arstechnica where I think the guy said he had a multi-million dollar budget to get it working )

Basically, looks like a lot of expensive kit from the green giant PLUS a great deal of attention during installation PLUS lots and lots of sysadmin time to make it work !

I also seem to recall some interesting eeewwToob demos from xirrus who also specialise in high density kit.