Please, before you read on, put your [coke can|coffee mug|drinking
apparatus] down, so that when you laugh, you don't get any liquids on
your keyboard.

I am overhauling our news transport network the past couple days.
Phasing out some P2-300's and such. Anyway, we have tons of news peers
out there, of which I have no idea how to contact anymore. Some of these
peers go back to 2001.

The issue is that our DNS will change for both inbound and outbound
feeds. Whoever news peers with us will need to change to for both in and out. Email me and let me know who you
are so I can actually have this information in the future.

You know who you are, there are at least 40 to 50 of you on this list, I

If you don't peer with our news box, and want to, email me your
pertinent info.

Back to your regularly scheduled hub-bub.