News coverage, Verisign etc.

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As someone who was there, would you care to comment on my impression?
Happy to be wrong, I certainly would love it if Verisign is actually doing
"the right thing".

Without commenting on your impressions, I'll note that everyone's
slides are at . (Alas, all are in
Powerpoint; my slides, at least, are available in many other formats via )

    --Steve Bellovin,

I think it speaks volumes, and not in a positive way, that even ICANN
and other organizations entrusted with the management of the internet
can't figure out that documents should be published in an OPEN
standard format.


I was able to view all of the .ppt's with running on
RedHat 9.


On Thursday 09 October 2003 00:29, the council of elders heard Owen
DeLong mumble incoherently:

Just because the file formats have been reverse engineered, it doesn't mean they're open.

FWIW, mine were entirely in OpenOffice, so the PPT conversion may be sort of
messed up. OpenOffice (.sxi) and PDF (not really 'open' either, but somewhat
more portable) available at

But Steve's presentation was much better, so read his instead :slight_smile:


On Thursday 09 October 2003 00:55, the council of elders heard Joe
Abley mumble incoherently: