NEWDOM: Read this...Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

Vince Wolodkin writes:

Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Vince Wolodkin writes:
> > This is interesting Perry. Both InterNIC and IANA are government
> > contracted tasks,
> Ah, no.
> Go read the RFCs and learn whence the IANA comes, and then get back to
> us.

If you can quote to me the RFC written by the US government that says
IANA is something more than a US government contracted task, then I'll
kiss your ass in front of Macy's window. Otherwise, and as always, you
are full of it.


I contend that you are a twelve foot tall pink rabbit.

If you can find me an RFC written by the US government that denies
this, then I'll believe it isn't true. Otherwise, you're just "Pink
Bunny" Wolodkin from now on.