NEWDOM: Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

Karl Denninger writes:

> NSI does not own the root domain .com .org .net or any other TLD.
> They were *hired* by the NSF to manage the registration of domain names
> for these TLDs, and they have done a deplorable job. They are now being
> fired, if anyone is opening themselves up for a class action suite it is
> NSI for not relinquishing property that they have no legal right to claim
> as their own.


There you are very wrong.

Prior to September 1995 you were correct.

Go and read the cooperative agreement sometime. Its on the web, you
know. It clearly states two things: 1) that NSI may be permitted to
charge at some point in the future to defer costs, and that 2) at the
end of the contract, everything reverts to the NSF -- EVERYTHING.

The contract also notes that NSF is funding the contract but that the
origin of the delegation is the IANA.

I strongly urge people to go and read it for themselves.

Speaking personally, and not in an official capacity