Newbie question.

I'm a network engineer coming up to speed on BGP. I'm currently not running
BGP on my router. Are there any tools that will allow me to monitor BGP
passively? Any pointers is appreciated.

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All of yout BGP questions will be answered here:


Randy Benn

Just about every router on the market (even the GRF) that is BGP
capable has some sort of BGP monitoring tool, though some have better
tools than others (I'm quite fond of the cisco bgp setup). Good luck with
your BGP studies. It's a complex protocol that works like no other, but
it's not that bad. American Research Group offers a 2 day class on BGP
that they couple with a 2 day OSPF class that I rate very highly.

Also, once you start using BGP, has some great
routing mirrors to show you if your routes are making it out into the

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