New York City peering points, alternate to NYIIX??

i recently found a cost effective method of moving traffic from Toronto to
New York.

i am interested in finding peering points in New York City, preferably at
Telehouse (Bowling Green Post Office) or 60 Hudson Street.

i was looking at connecting to NYIIX, however, i find that Telehouse is
sharging $400/month just to jack into their switch.

alternately, i have a client who would be willing to house a switch in their
Telehouse racks for a new peering point. there might also be the potential
to set up a switch at 60 hudson.

anyone have any directions for me for peering in New York, and/or interest
in setting up a new peering point?

my interests in peering are mostly related to news flow and ftp/http access
to large archives of stuff.

1) Telehouse will not allow another peering point at 25 Broadway. Its like
"I will put my own Giga at MAE-EAST!

2) $400 a month for a port where a decent amount of traffic is traded and
where the
switch is well maintained is not rediculous...Telehouse is not a
501(c)3...they are
in this to make money...

3) Unless you can get some big names to peer openly, no one would be
willing to pay...
So how will you fund a switch and other costs?

I think Telehouse is making a buck, but isn't that what we are all here for?

Reid Fishler