New York Carrier Hotels

Hey Folks,

I am looking for a list of the ten most important NYC telecom hotels. Over the last 15 years carrier business has shifted to a large extent to Secaucus Equinix & Google has taken over a big part of 111 8th Avenue. What the important sites today and are any new facilities on the horizon?

I don’t know about future ones but 32AoA, 60H, etc. are still important.

I’ve lived here 44 years so if you need photos, on-the-ground knowledge, etc., let me know off-list.


I’m expecting many people to move out to 165 Halsey but as with many things the future is still hazy. I also wonder if at some point Google will decide that WFH is viable and they don’t need the office space in 111 8th and things will swing back..

(Yes, I know that 165 isn’t in NY)

- Jared