NEW Tool Announcement

Last updated 9/6/95

The first official alpha release of the Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit
(MRT) tools is now available:


For more information on the MRT toolkit, see:

MRT is an easy-to-use, extensible platform for developing and debugging
routing protocols and routing code. MRT's Unix programs and C-library
routines separate routing into its key component pieces of routing
protocol, routing engine, and routing policy services. The MRT tools
greatly improve the ability of network providers to monitor, troubleshoot,
and analyze networks, and provide protocol developers or researchers with
a useful vehicle for quick prototyping and experimentation.

You can use MRT tools to:

--Capture a BGP peering session and monitor it in real time
--Input a binary file to the routing stream to replicate a problem or
  create any desired routing condition
--Use a real-time dump to perform statistical analyses, prototype a
  new protocol, or test a routing engine
--Record and replay sequences of events, in order to reproduce
  scenarios such as routing failures
--Collect routing statistics and analyze route flapping

The Alpha release contains the following tools:

     A simple BGP4 speaker and listener

* Route_BtoA
     Convert binary MRT messages to ASCII

* Route_AtoB
     Convert ASCII descriptions of MRT messages to binary

* CiscoBGP
     Check cisco routing tables against IRR

* BGPCheck
     Check BGP updates against IRR

* Route_Flap
     Perform route flap analysis and statistics collection