New Root Name Servers

This slipped through my procmail filter. I've fixed the filter, but I also
choose to waste my time answering it. Note that I have set the reply-to to
the list.

The people on the NANOG list seem to have missed
much of the action for the past few months. I am not
sure that can be quickly solved.

The people on the NANOG list have more important things to worry about.

TRUE Root Name Servers are Root Name Servers
that do not also do double-duty as TLD Name Servers.
The AlterNIC, Root 64, Root 128 and other movements
pioneered the notion of TRUE Root Name Servers. The
IANA and Network Solutions, Inc. are trying to play
catch up.

I beg to differ. Two years before you knew what DNS stood for, I met with
representatives of the IANA and of Network Solutions and described the
problem. We have worked diligently from then 'til now to bring about some
"."-only name servers, and it has required code changes in BIND to make it
work without sending misshapen responses.

I guess, Jim, that you just aren't in the loop. (I can't imagine why not.)

I can't go on. The rest of the message I quoted above is just too bizarre.