New Root Name Servers

Also, is it possible that the recent problems NANOG
people have been discussing regarding Root Name Servers
is really the result of these transitions to TRUE Root
Name Servers ?

If whatever you are doing, however you are implimenting it
for whatever reasons, caused corrupted data in
and the subsequent failures, then you are a menace to the network
and should cease and desist activities. You have clearly stated
that your servers don't carry the .com domain directly; if you do
something which crashes the servers that do carry .com you will
likely find yourself sucking air over your ether pipes.

You could, of course, merely be confused about what happened a
few days ago. I would hope this is the case.

-george william herbert

It's time for another run of my occational disclaimer:
I have not been a CRL employee for over 2 years now and in no way
am associated with it at this time except as a end-user of shell
account services.