New report from ATIS on Internet/Telephone reliability

The ATIS T1 committee has issued a new technical report on the reliability
and availability aspects of the interactions between the Internet and
the public telecommunications network.


This Technical Report addresses the reliability and
survivability aspects of the interactions between the
Internet and the Public Telecommunications Network (PTN). It
examines the general architectures of both networks and the
interfaces between them. This document offers suggestions
for meeting reliability challenges posed by changing network
traffic characteristics. Two major categories of solutions
are introduced: network engineering and network
architecture. Within these categories, alternatives may be
selected depending on the operator's local circumstances.

After reading this report, I'm left with an empty feeling. :slight_smile:

It doesn't really say anything.

Also, this report only addresses issues surrounding the residential
subscriber, and any other subscribers whose traffic transits the PSTN.
It does not concern private lines/local loops which are terminated
directly into the DACS network(s), of which there are legions (and a
substantially large portion of Internet traffic).

- paul