New Reflector info (fwd)

        We have a version of the new reflector code up on the Cornell
reflector at now. However, it only tracks for new versions
of the desktop app, the Mac version of which will go to alpha testers today
maybe. We're trying to update the reflector so it will also track (more
crudely) the old versions of the app. As this will be the first version of
the reflector to be released in binary only (except to source licensees),
we're co-ordinating with White Pine to get it compiled for all the popular
platforms and binaries posted. We may have updates out several times in
the next couple weeks as the bw management algorithms get tuned.
        If all goes well, we should have both Mac and Windows apps out as
beta versions by the time of IETF.
        Some thought on best way to configure reflectors for IETF is
probably a good idea. In general, a feed from a reflector at IETF to the
mbone, picked up by other reflectors in useful places might be a good

Cheers, -Dick

>Bill Manning from ISI is trying to set up and MBONE/CU-SeeMem
>transmission of some IETF sessions from Sweden in 2 weeks. He
>wanted to know when the nex reflector software with the
>better bandwidth management will be released - and if not before
>IETF, is there a way to push the release day up..