New mailing list for Verizon DSL ISP's

Since a discussion of NAS/CAIS DSL came up last week, I am assuming there
are at least some DSL resellers out there, so . . .

Verizon had a converence call for the Northeast ISPs this afternoon to
introduce a new product. It began with them explaining to us why our
customers might want a static IP and went downhill from there.

This did however get me in touch with at least one other ISP reselling
Verizon DSL, and it seems we've both thought some sort of forum for Verizon
reselling ISPs to ask questions and discuss issues would be helpfull.

SO -- I've created a mailing list, . To subscribe,
send the single word subscribe to

This is intended as a forum for Verizon DSL resellers across the country to
disccus an issues related to the service: Configuration, operation, trouble
resolution, dealing with Verizon, etc.

This is completely unofficial, not sanctioned by Verizon .