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> indicated satisfaction with exhange points run by other parties. What
> the problems of MAE-EAST indicate to me is that FDDI/GigaSwitches are
> not the appropriate technology for MAE-EAST sized exchanges and that MFS
> is the wrong company to be running an exhange point.

Just try to bring up another point. Anyone has thought about Gigabit ethernet

Prominet's Cajun switch has a 45GB backplane. Supports up to 24 full-duplex
Gigabit ethernet ports or 120 full-duplex fastethernet ports, or a mix
of both. The price is also very reasonable.

Guess that'd be too much of a change... :slight_smile: If this is not good for MAE-E,
it might be good for some other new exchanges.


Actually, introducing GbE into an existing switched-FDDI environment can be
a straightforward and relatively painless process. The attendees at the
last NANOG were shown how this could be done in the presentation given by
Celeritis Techologies and DEC. DEC has introduced a FE card with hunt
group support for their GIGAswitch/Ethernet box (aka, Prominent P550). A
FE hunt group between the switches and FDDI and 10/100/Gb Ethernet clients
supposedly provides seamless bridging and smooth migration to GbE. You can
even equip a NAP router that has an existing FDDI interface with a FE
interface for loadleveling of traffic across NAP interfaces and/or for
fail-over to either NAP switch.