New IPv4 blocks allocated to RIPE NCC

[Apologies for duplicate mails]

Dear Colleagues,

The RIPE NCC received the IPv4 address ranges 94/8 and 95/8 from the
IANA in July 2007. We will begin allocating from these ranges in the
near future.

The minimum allocation size from these two /8s has been set at /21.

You may wish to adjust any filters you have in place accordingly.

More information on the IP space administered by the RIPE NCC
can be found at:

Please also note that two "pilot" prefixes are being announced from
each /8. These prefixes are:

They all originate in AS12654.

The following pingable addresses are available in these blocks:

More information on this "pilot" activity is available in the
document "De-Bogonising New Address Blocks", which can be found at:

Best regards,

Alex Le Heux
Policy Implementation Co-ordinator