New IPv4 Allocations for APNIC

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:17:23 -0700
From: Steve Conte <>


This is to inform you that the IANA has allocated the following two (2)
IPv4 /8 blocks to APNIC:


For a full list of IANA IPv4 allocations please see:

While it's certainly nice to have these posted and I really do
appreciate it, is there any chance that they might be signed so we can
authenticate them some day?

Are you asking for IANA to provide the IANA web site using HTTPS to
mitigate HTTP hijacking, DNS spoofing, or whatever?

That would be one possible solution. Other solutions would be:

  Each registry could have a well-known well signed PGP key and use
  that to sign these announcement postings.

  IANA could make these announcements using a well-known well signed
  PGP key.

Of course, all of those options are not mutually exclusive, either.