New IP to ASN Mapping Services

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Team Cymru is happy to announce the availability of various service
options dedicated to mapping IPv4 numbers to BGP prefixes and ASNs.
These services come in various flavors, including:

    * Whois, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS

Each of the services is based on the same BGP feeds from 50+ BGP
peers, and is updated at 4 hour intervals.

Using a single IP or ASN one can obtain any of the following

    * BGP Origin ASN
    * BGP Peer ASN
    * BGP Prefix
    * Prefix Country Code (assigned)
    * Prefix Registry (assigned)
    * Prefix Allocation date
    * ASN Country Code (assigned)
    * ASN Registry (assigned)
    * ASN Allocation date
    * ASN Description

The country code, registry, and allocation date are all based off
of data obtained directly from the regional registries including:
ARIN, RIPE NCC, AFRINIC, APNIC, LACNIC. The information returned
relating to these categories will only be as accurate as the data
present in the RIR databases. The ASN descriptions are based off
of data obtained from cidr-report.

For a summary on how to use these services please visit the
following web page:


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free
to contact us at:

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Steve, Team Cymru.