New Internet Routing Statistics

> > Now if NANOG had a PR flack monitoring the list he would jump up and
> > propose a press release...

> This list, which used to be useful to operators FOR PURPOSES OF OPERATIONS
> is teetering on the verge uselessness. Can we please move the rah rah,
> explanations to non-operators, ... back to com-priv? Please?

Start publishing regular press releases, post them at and to the nanog-announce mailing list and
your problems will be solved. The non-operators will leave nanog to you.

I'm afraid I have to throw my vote with Randy on this one.

Press Release is not the verbage we want to use.

If there were to be a, it should have snapshots of important
messages in the nanog list, like

Thu Apr 4 01:05:15 MST 1996 Sprint feeds routes to RA for statistical
           reasons. see URL...
ya da ya da ya da

Maybe a couple of help documents:

- Safety tips for peering at exchanges
a) how to build a filter list that won't hose everyone else
b) why you should use dampening
c) don't forget to passive-interface your interfaces...OSPF neighbors across
  an exchange are bad...

- NO's guide.
a) how to tune performance on 7000 series routers
b) how important is the RADB? The RS?
c) sample routing policies currently in use and implementation pointers
d) what can I do to help with the growth of the routing table?

- vendor specific gotchas
a) Cisco bugs that will bite you in the ass every time
b) Bay Network trials and tribulations
c) gated; it looks like I could compile this config file.

- new technologies
a) caching with harvest/NS/cern; shoud I bother
b) ATM/packet shredding; what's the word?
c) muxing? SONET? what next?

- Useful URL's

so on and so forth.

Sure, it sounds like a good topic for a book, too....but these are the
operational issues which get discussed (for the most part) on this list,
and a web page should represent that.