New Internet Routing Statistics

Using many of the suggestions and comments from the last IEPG and NANOG
meetings, we have put together some new Internet routing statistics web
pages. See

These pages include real-time graphs of network instability, bar charts of the
sources of routing instability, snapshots of the Route Servers' routing
tables, graphs of long-term trends, bogus routing reports, and IRR

In improving the quality and accuracy of these reports, we need your help. The
reports are only as good as the raw data the route servers receive in peering
sessions. If you are not peering with the route servers, we encourage you to
do so. Your routes will ONLY be used for statistics collection purposes
(unless you have explicitly registered policy in the IRR and indicated that
the RA should propagate the routes.)

To peer with the route servers, send mail to

The RA thanks the following organizations for providing routes for statistics

ANS, Advantis, Aimnet, Alpha.Net, Alternet, Argonne, CAIS, CERFnet,
CWInet, DIGEX, DRAnet, DREN, DXnet, Delphi, ESnet,, INSnet,
IOSnet, IconNet, Interpath, MCI, Nacamar, NetAxs, Netcom, Netrail,
PIPEX, Suranet, Supernet, ThePlanet, TheWell, WIS.COM

- Craig

Craig, netscape couldn't find anything at the address you listed. I
found what I **think** you are talking about at

What you have done looks really useful. But SPRINT is refusing to
cooperate I gather. How big a hole does this put in the usefulness of
what you are doing? With UUNET, ANS and MCI particpating, how can Sprint
justify NOT participating?