New "Internet Innovators" w/ Mother of the Internet + More!

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New Episode of “Internet Innovators”
Candid Interview w/ Iconic “Mother of the Internet” Radia Perlman

Known as the “Mother of the Internet,” this Internet icon is no stranger to standing out in a crowd in a heavily male-dominated industry.

NANOG executive director Edward McNair had the pleasure of speaking with Radia Perlman at our last meeting, NANOG 84, in Austin, TX.

Perlman’s dynamic, warm personality and fearless ability “to be different” has changed the digital landscape for the world.

Watch the full episode and learn more about the icon behind the technology now.


NANOG 85 Guest Appearance: Vint Cerf + John Brzozowski
Cerf + Brzozowski To Share Thoughts on IPv6 in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of World IPv6 Launch Day

Don’t miss this opening keynote presentation with a father of the Internet and Google evangelist, Vint Cerf, and John Brzozowski, CTO & VP of MachineQ, as they host an intriguing conversation on IPv6.

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