New Home for GateD


Earlier this year, we (Cornell) confronted two events
that have had serious implications for the GateDaemon project.
Our NSF grant ended in April and the GateD technical leadership
has been drawn onto higher priority projects for our campus.

At that time, we determined we had three choices in regards
to the future of GateD project: a) continue with a maintenance/modest
enhancement focus b) shut the project down completely or
c) find GateD a new caretaker. Because we believe the GateD
continues to be important to the Internet community and requires
development and enhancement beyond mere bug-fixes, we chose
c) as our plan of action.

I am pleased to announce that we are close to reaching closure on
the transfer of the GateD project, software and the GateD
Consortium to MERIT Network Systems for the University of Michigan.

They agree to assume all obligationsand duties of the
Licensor of the GateD redistribution licenses and
as the Lead Institution under the current GateD Consortium agreement.
They are receiving all consortium revenues for fiscal yr 95-96
and beyond, to support this project. They agree to operate the
Consortium as provided by the agreements for a period of one year.

I have complete confidence in the MERIT staff, led by Elise Gerich,
to guide GateD into the future. Susan Hares will be the primary
technical contact. They will give this project a
burst of energy and focus from their unique position in the
Internetworking world. I sincerely hope you will join me in
supporting MERIT for the University of Michigan
as the new Lead institution.

You may contact Elise Gerich at or Susan Hares

University of Michigan
Merit Network Systems
4251 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2785

telephone: 313-764-9430
FAX: 313-747-3185

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I
am continuing to work on the GateD Consortium as we wrap up
the final details of the handoff. The Cornell Office of
Sponsored Programs will be sending out an official notice
to redistribution license holders and consortium members
via paper mail in the near future.

Best Regards,

Martyne M. Hallgren
Executive Director
Cornell GateD Consortium