new facility for nanog mailing list

in light of the ongoing discussions about what kind of subject matter
is appropriate to the nanog mailing list, i have completed
development of an "autoflamer" intended to detect any inappropriate
postings to nanog and generate a suitable obnoxious response.

in light of the difficulty of determing appropriateness of postings
to nanog, it appears that all postings to nanog will have to be

this facility will be enabled on April 1st, 1998.


We already have one of those.

-- jr 'rAnDy@pSg.c0m' a

...or you can lift your nose at technology and just subscribe to
the nodlist -- we promise to MANUALLY flame everyone!

As a reminder...

Given the recent rash of postings which do not appear
congruent with the charter of the NANOG List, have created
an additional resource for those of us who are
concerned with the technical issues pertaining to the
design, operation, and management of Enterprise Networks.
This list primarily caters to Internet Service, Backbone,
and Carrier Providers.

Enter, the NODlist -- The Network Operators Discussion List.

If you are interested in discussions such as the "Ascend GRF
vs. Cisco" and "Key Escrow" threads, subscribe to the list
and knock yourself out in exchanging relevant and useful
information! There is a definite need for a forum whose
participants are (without sounding haughty) at the level
of the food chain where relevant experience prevails. I want
to be able to discuss CEF and Fair-Weighted-Queuing
without being told that I have to shuffle off to a USENET
group and wade through 650 posts of people trying to determine
how to perform reverse Telnet rather than RTFM.

Route Aggregation. Tag Switching. Impact of Network Doom on
NAP performance :wink: -- It's all good!

If you're the type that needs a 'charter,' here it is:

  Be Good Humans. Post Relevant Stuff.

To subscribe, you can use a Web Browser and point it here:

OR, you could always use the old stand-by...send mail to:

with the word 'subscribe' (no quotes) as the only text in the
body of the message.

I hope this helps off-load NANOG and provide a good forum for
people to exchange information.

The Hoffster.