New Denial of Service Attack ...

:I highly recommend reading Alan Cox's e-mail post on
:this patch archived at Chris's site below. There
:are some caveats and other mods to daemons such
:as inetd, etc:
:Can people whom can do a bit of testing to give these patches a good hammering
:and folks being attacked may as well try them too... If they seem OK I'll
:submit them on for the next 2.0.x kernel proper.

I agree with Tim. This patch hasn't caused any real problems with my
setup however it may with other people. I know that it can result in a
kernel oops under a load if you have compiled it with a funky compiler.
If you do have problems with it, please mail me or Alan. If you do end
up mailing me about it, I'm just going to forward it to Alan anyway. I'm
not a kernel hacker by any stretch of the imagination. :slight_smile:


:Alan Cox
:Linux Networking Project