New Denial of Service Attack on Panix


I've been testing the SYN attack on with 'the patch'
with no success of stopping the attack so far with the
patch (right now, without the patch it is DoA and with the
patch, the attack panics the kernel :.... but this is more-than
likely an implementation issue that will be solved.

However, I was thinking (dangerous, admittedly) that since
the success of the attack is based on using an UNREACHABLE
source address and the host under attack attempts to
ACK/SYN with the bogus attacker wouldn't it be easier to:

Just have either (1) a listening daemon; (2) or an internal
flag in the kernel, (3) or some other better IPC, to notify
TCP, or better yet, IP to say: "Hey, there is a lot of
HOST UNREACHABLES going on here, and I don't like it"
algorithm to either (a) just filter the IP packets
at in the kernel IP code, (best IMO) (b) or do it
in the TCP code?

This seems simple, so I must be missing something in this!

Because, it seems to me, since the way to exploit TCP
is to use bogus, unreachable IP sources, why not use
this fact to let the kernal just filter itself under
certain flooding conditions?

Please let me know why this will not work.