New Denial of Service Attack on Panix


I understand, I am fairly serious as well. And I like your
Star Trek analogy.....

On a similar cynical note, I was skating yesterday in the
Virginia countryside and stopped to rest over a creek.
There I watched a turtle lying in the sun in a pollution
ravaged creek and thought to myself....

"Man has this ability to reason, so by default, should take
responsibility not to destroy the lives of all the other
creatures on the earth; however, there may very well
come a day when turtles have all died due to mankind's
irresponsibility toward the planet and it's fragile
creatures and other life forms."

You realize that you are losing your innocence when you
begin to believe that 'what is right' is not 'what will
happen' (at least in our mortal lifetimes).

ANYWAY, I'll end the lamentation and end with this: