New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

is there that much asymmetry in the very leaves of the network?
i live in the asymmetry at the middle of the network but of the
folks who are multihomed customers of NSP's, is it that case that
asymmetry prevails in single streams of communication? don't most
multihomed customers of NSP's engineer a preferred transit?

if i'm multihomed to two providers i've already done something to
balance my traffic and to make sure that i have fail-over. i accept
x routes on connection 1 and y routes on connection 2. outgoing, i might pad
my AS on connection 2 and point default on connection 1. i might point
a higher metric default out connection 2, or perhaps i'm defaultless
and tag routes as i hear them based on my own policy. there are
a million ways to do it, but because of the way it's been done usually
i wonder if there are that many cases of asymmetry at the edge.

i guess the one common thread of this discussion is that whatever
must be done, must be done on the edges of the internet. and that's
not a cop out, we have as many edge cases as we have connections to

Jeff Young