New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

Craig A. Huegen wrote:


As part of a task force studying this problem, I have called some of the
major hardware vendors (namely SGI, HP, and Sun). SGI told one of the
team members "we're not allowed to really talk about this". Sun and HP
have both said "we've formed a council that has been evaluating the
situation, and will make available anything we have done to help alleviate
or prevent the problems".


Since everyone is so desperate to say that they are the leader in
Internet servers, perhaps the media folks watching this should contact
the vendors, then report on their woefully inadequate response to the
problem. There needs to be more muscle to get theses folks to move FAST
when problems like this come up.

Avi has proven it is doable. It shows how used to the router vendors'
'We'll fix it today' response we've gotten.