New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

Filters for Bay routers are not very difficult, owing to the graphical
configuration tools. On one of my ethernet segments, all source
addresses should be in the range. Here is how I built a
filter for this interface:

In Site Manager, select the circuit that the filter will be applied
to. Filters are built for traffic coming IN to the interface, so in
this case I applied the filter to my ethernet interface.

Once the interface is selected, select "Edit Circuit", then pull down
Protocols->Edit IP->Traffic Filters. If this is the first filter of
this type that you're creating, you'll need to create a filter template
first. This template gets stored on your hard drive, so you can
jump over to another router and apply the same filter template, just
changing the appropriate addresses.

Once you create a new template, you'll want to choose the following:

Condition->IP Source Address - -

Action->Detailed Log (this is optional.. I use it)

That's all there is to it. Once you create this template, then go back
to the "IP Filters" screen and actually create the filter. When prompted
for a template, use the one you just created.

This method tells the router to allow that which you do not specifically
deny. You can also create two filters, one saying "drop everything"
and the other one telling it specifically what you want to allow.
Personally, I prefer the first method because it seems more efficient..
Perhaps someone from Bay will comment on the optimal way to do this.

No, it's not as easy to post instructions for a Bay Router as it is
for a Cisco. On the other hand, it's *extremely* easy to create and
manage filters using Site Manager. If anyone has questions on this,
feel free to ask me or call me (515 830 0389). I've done it plenty of
times and would be happy to help.